Thursday, October 22, 2009

NFL Predictions: Week 7

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Four undefeated and two winless teams remain heading into NFL Week 7 action. New Orleans destroyed the Giants in a battle of unbeatens last week, 48-27. Denver showed off on MNF proving they're for real. Tennessee showed everyone why they haven't won a game after New England put up 59 points with ease.

The headline games this weekend are Minnesota at Pittsburgh and Atlanta at Dallas. Check weather patterns before laying odds on a few games. A couple of stinker matchups could make for upsets against point spreads. I went 10-4 last weekend bringing my season win/loss to 57-33.

Week 7 (Home team in BOLD)

Green Bay 37 CLEVELAND 6 - Packers beat up on a team in complete disarray.

San Diego 31 KANSAS CITY 17 - SD is off to another slow start. D and special teams giving up big plays all year.

Indianapolis 48 ST LOUIS 3 - Rams might want to forfeit this game now. Manning putting together another MVP type season.

Vikings 31 PITTSBURGH 30 - Game of the week. Battle of big play offenses vs big play defenses. As a fan I'm hoping this game comes down to the final few plays to decide a winner.

New England 44 TAMPA BAY 7 - Patriots embarrassed Titans 59-0. Hey Tampa... "DUCK!"

HOUSTON 23 San Francisco 17 - Another of the few potentially good games this week. Houston is finding their rythm. SF wants to hold onto 1st in NFC West.

CAROLINA 24 Buffalo 13 - Panthers 3rd win in a row coming up. Buffalo is not looking good at all.

Jets 20 OAKLAND 14 - New York played a very sloppy game last weekend vs Buffalo. Oakland energized after knocking off Philly. NY has history of giving up big plays vs Raiders in Oakland. A must win game for both teams seeking unity.

Atlanta 38 DALLAS 24 - Atlanta's passing attack will have a field day vs weak Dallas secondary. Cowboys returning from a bye week with WR controversy. Romo will have to ignite Dallas offense and "lead". Won't happen.

CINCINNATI 21 Chicago 16 - Normally I'd be taking the Bears. I'd like to see them win but Cincy has been playing inspired. Chicago still hasn't found a way to score consistently.

New Orleans 33 MIAMI 17 - Both D's will have their hands full. Saints passing attack should shred Dolphins thin secondary. Miami's running attack might keep Brees on the sidelines. I'm picking the Saints but this game has upset written all over it... especially since Dolphins have a history of snapping undefeated streaks.

GIANTS 27 Arizona 23 - Some are thinking Warner to will what Brees did last week. I'm not one of them. Saints and Cards are two very different teams. Coughlin will have Giants ready to go. Ball control eats up clock vs outclassed Arizona D. It'll be a tight game to the finish. Giants creating turnovers is the difference maker.

Philadelphia 24 WASHINGTON 10 - (Monday Night Football). Zorn has relinquished play calling duties. It won't matter. No way Philly takes them for granted after being upset by Oakland last weekend. This is an Eagles bounce back game.



  1. Somehow I think Oakland will get another upset victory. Mark Sanchez will struggle again and the Raider defense isn't all that bad. It will be interesting.

  2. It has almost become a yearly ritual for the Eagles to have one horrendous game, Andy Reid and McNabb to be put on the chopping block, and then they bounce back and prove everything is fine. I think that game was more the Eagles being terrible than Oakland being alright. I like them to get killed this week.