Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random Rumblings - Strange & Stranger

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Back by popular demand - another installment of "All World All Sports" Random Rumblings. A few strange but true stories coming from the world of sports.

Ozzie Guillen suspended by Miami Marlins. I guess freedom of speech and expression doesn't exist in Major League Baseball. Guillen was suspended for comments he made about Fidel Castro. His comments didn't sit well with the Cuban-American crowd in South Florida which erupted into a frenzy following Guillen's praise of Castro's ability to remain free of assassination. In case you missed it, he said: "I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that son of a bitch is still there."
Obviously, his comments touched a nerve in South Florida. However, Miami suspending their new manager during the first week of baseball season is a bit much. No one can blame folks who get upset over controversial comments. However, this stinks. If Marlins ownership was truly disturbed Guillen would be gone. Marlins brass was clearly trying to avoid losing ticket sales. This isn't a pretty picture no matter how you slice and dice the situation.

Former NFL washout Ryan Leaf charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of criminal possession of a dangerous drug. Leaf could arguably be the #1 draft pick bust in NFL history. Legal troubles continue to mount. A brief description via "In May 2009, Leaf was indicted on burglary and controlled substance charges in Texas. He was undergoing drug rehab in British Columbia at the time of the indictment and was arrested by customs agents as he returned to the United States. On June 17, 2009, he posted $45,000 bond in Washington state for the criminal charges in Texas. In April 2010, Leaf pled guilty in Amarillo, Texas to seven counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance, all felonies. State District Judge John B. Board sentenced Leaf to 10 years of probation and fined him $20,000. - On March 30, 2012 Leaf was arrested on burglary, theft, and drug charges in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana. Four days later, Leaf was arrested again on burglary, theft, and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs."
Leaf's violation of parole and back to back arrests signal doom and gloom for the pain pill addicted idiot. He's been a complete washout since his college football playing days. NFL players/teammates hated his lack of work ethic. He was fired from college coaching career due to pain pills too. I guess leading a life of crime was easier than going to rehab? There's no doubt Leaf will be in jail for a few years. Over/under <1.5 character witnesses testify on Leaf's behalf.

New York Knicks climb into 2nd place in Atlantic Division - trail Boston by 3 games. Coach Mike Woodson helped turn around the Atlanta Hawks. Now he's working miracles on Broadway. The Knicks are 13-4 under his leadership and have climbed into 2nd in the Atlantic and 7th overall in Eastern Conference action. Deja vu from the shot season of 1998-99 season when the went to the NBA Finals as the 8th seed? We'll soon find out. Amazing what a mid-season coaching change can do to wake up a team. Knicks have been playing great basketball lately. Sleeper pick for sure. So was the 98-99 squad. Keep an eye on these guys.

New York Mets begin 4-0. Much has been written of Mets failures in recent years from ownership to players. New York opened their season at home and delighted fans with 4 consecutive victories to begin the new season. They swept arch rival Atlanta Braves in 3 games. Johan Santana is back. Niese pitched a 1-hitter. Duda is the new fan favorite. Wright is off to a quick start. Bullpen didn't blow any games. A solid beginning for a team trying to put turmoil in their rear view mirror. Enjoy it while it lasts.

"Rangers Fans" - Shannon and Cooper Stone statue unveiled in Arlington. Nine months after a Texas Rangers fan & father (Shannon) died trying to catch a baseball thrown by Josh Hamilton, his 7-year-old son (Cooper) helped unveil a statue honoring his father and others who love America’s pastime. Last season, Shannon Stone reached too far to catch a baseball for his son and died from injuries sustained after falling from the upper deck in front of a stunned Texas crowd. How many times have we (fans) lunged for baseball's at games? How many times have we witnessed fellow fans scramble and fight to retrieve baseball's? This time it was tragic as a father fell to his death right before his sons eyes. Texas Rangers management honored the father and son. Shannon and Cooper Stone statue is a tremendous (and heart breaking) dedication. Nolan Ryan & Rangers ownership represent baseball's best. This is a tremendous tribute - not only to the Stone's - but, for fans everywhere.

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