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2012 MLB Regular Season Predictions (Final)

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All World All Sports previously made baseball predictions during the first week of spring training. The regular season has begun and it's now time to update our final regular season prognistications.

Major League Baseball announced additional Wild Card teams beginning this season. There will be a single game playoff involving one additional team per league. In other words, two Wild Card teams per league will generate added playoff fever by the time September rolls around.

Lets get to it.

American League
New York Yankees - Powerful lineup. Starting pitching remains #1 concern.
Tampa Bay Rays - Winning/losing squarely on shoulders of starting pitchers in division with potent lineups.
Toronto Blue Jays - This team plays long ball. Starting pitchers need to stay sharp. Don't be surprised if they finish first.
Boston Red Sox - Bobby Valentine's arrival has increased tensions. It's going to be a long season in Boston.
Baltimore Orioles - Simply outclassed by 4 better divisional opponents.

Detroit Tigers - Pitching + hitting = wins. Suspect defense could hurt in playoffs.
Kansas City Royals - That's right. KC has a great nucleus of young talent. Will pitchers have stamina to survive 162?
Chicago White Sox - Dunn is back on track.
Minnesota Twins - Lack of extra back hit ability will hurt.
Cleveland Indians - They may surprise if injury free.. probably not.

Texas Rangers - Great lineup. Solid D. Two time West champs will be challenged by Angels. Staying healthy key to success.
Los Angeles Angels - How far will they go? Division champs? Wild Card? Tough team, tougher to handicap. Golden if injury free.
Oakland A's - Competitive but lacking power of Angels/Rangers.
Seattle Mariners - Nothing to write about after Hernandez/Ichiro.

Wild Cards: Angels, Rays. Don't count out Toronto or KC.
AL Champ: Rangers.
AL Cy Young: Verlander (DET)
AL MVP: Butler (KC)

National League
Philadelphia Phillies - Loaded rotation.
Miami Marlins - New look team getting stronger & wealthier.
Atlanta Braves - Developing problems, injuries, searching for answers.
New York Mets - Duda & Wright take advantage of shorter fences. Pitchers surprise.
Washington Nationals - Fail to live up to promo's. Pitchers faulter.

St. Louis Cardinals - Defending champs lose Albert, Carpenter hurting. Deep team, talented... won't miss a beat.
Cincinnati Reds - Players love Dusty Baker. Pitching key to success. Lineup is locked and loaded.
Milwaukee Brewers - Excited fans will be disappointed. This former AL team should have been singled out to switch back to AL. Guess former owner turned commissioner keeps them protected.
Pittsburgh Pirates - Young team slowly improving.
Houston Astros - Final season in NL. New owners shafted by agreeing to shift to AL in 2013. HUGE mistake.
Chicago Cubs - Not even overrated Epstein can help an aging banged up team.

Arizona Cardinals - Tough team. Gibson keeps them ready to play.
San Francisco Giants - Many question marks. Talented. Will make run at playoffs.
Los Angeles Dodgers - New ownership. Where will they take this team. Nucleus is solid.
Colorado Rockies - Ho-hum.
San Diego Padres - Need to take a lesson from others... move in outfield fences.

Wild Card: Reds, Giants.
NL Champ: Cardinals.
NL Cy Young: Kennedy (ARI)
NL MVP: Duda (NYM)

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