Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Moooooo! Rivera Hurt, Season Over!

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Say it ain't so Mo! New York Yankees living legend Mariano Rivera slipped during Thurday's pre-game warmups and is done for the season. 2012 was hinted to be Rivera's final season. The greatest closer in the history of Major League Baseball may not return, ever!

Baseball's all time saves leader may have made his last pitch. A torn ACL shelves Rivera. Players, coaches and fans are stunned at the sudden news.
“That’s about as bad as it gets,” Girardi said. “You lose a Hall of Famer it changes [the bullpen] a lot. We like the depth of our bullpen and it just got a little bit shorter. We’ll have to find a way to get through it.”
Rivera was shagging fly balls in the outfield before Thursday's game. It's something he's done for years as a pre-game ritual. Mo's knee gave out tracking down a fly off recent call-up Jason Nix. Mo went down hard and crashed into the outfield wall. I've read reports of Alex Rodriguez and other Yankees teammates completely in a state of shock watching their fallen friend.

What a shame if this is how Rivera's career ends. It's been 9 seasons since Rivera needed a disabled list stint. Let's all hope Mariano Rivera is able to return to active duty. Depending upon how serious of a tear... he may never pitch again. Don't forget this was rumored to be his unofficial farewell season.

A word to the wise. Enjoy every moment to the fullest extent possible. Life changes on a dime without warning.

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