Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA & NHL Championship Predictions

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2010-11 basketball and hockey displayed jaw dropping highlights all year long. From pre-season NBA signing antics of LeBron James to Dirk's unbelievable Western Conference Championship performance leading the Mavs into the Finals. Miami's big 3 vs Dallas balanced attack promises to thrill viewers from minute to minute.

NHL ice action kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout playoff action. The Stanley Cup Finals displays two of the games gutsiest teams. Vancouver vs Boston will showcase hockey at its' very best.
So who will be crowned 2010-11 Champs?

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks. Fans from both cities firmly believe their team is best. Miami has James, Wade and Bosh. Dallas has the deepest squad in the game led by Nowitzki and veteran PG Jason Kidd.
Miami's defense must be Johnny on the spot if the Heat expect to win it all. Dallas brings an excellent ball movement offense and aren't too shabby in the fast break category either.
For Dallas, eliminating unnecessary turnovers is a must or Miami will turn them all into fast break opportunities.
Defensive match-ups for both teams are challenging.
Dallas in 6!

Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins
This will either be a very close series minute by minute or a Vancouver route. Boston defense and goal tending is tops. Vancouver's high flying offense will put them to the test. Bruins power play has been non-existent but they've overcome offensive deficiencies by playing stellar defense.
Two teams couldn't be more opposites than Boston and Vancouver. Here they are, going for it all.
I've been a big Bruins fan since the days of Esposito, Orr, Cheevers. Followed them intensely during the brutal 70's with O'Reilly, Milbury & Co. Then came the Ray Bourque era. Those days are long gone. Now's the time for the new look Bruins to plant a flag on their place in NHL history.
Bruins get it done in 7!

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