Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MLB Power Rankings, May 16

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Baseball 2011 has featured drama on every front. Cold starts, hot streaks, franchise takeovers, 3 homer games, no hitters, suspensions, sudden retirements, fan beatings, injuries, team infighting and we're only in mid-May.
Philadelphia remains top dog in NL action. Cleveland owns top honors in AL play and owns the overall top record (25-13). Here's All World All Sports current Top 10:

1 - Philadelphia (25-15) Rotation leading the way. Team winning through injuries as champions often do.
2 - Cleveland (25-13) All pieces falling into place. How long will it last?
3 - Tampa Bay (24-17) Baseball's top team after beginning 0-6/1-8.
4 - Florida (23-16) It's been a team effort in baseball's toughest division.
5 - Cincinnati (24-17) Imagine if they had a true ace?
6 - Atlanta (24-19) Beachy on DL might cost a few wins.
7 - San Francisco (22-18) Giants need slugger.
8 - Colorado (21-18) All they need is a 3B able to hit above .240! Or, is it?
9 - St. Louis (23-19) Plenty of issues need addressing. Is shifting Pujols to 3B an answer?
10- Detroit (22-19) When will this team live up to potential?

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