Monday, May 30, 2011

MLB: Memorial Day Power Rankings

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2011 has been a strange season. Baseball injury bugs are swarming. Players beware. Injuries are contagious. Multiple players have made visits to disabled lists around the league for oblique strains. Next up catchers. Buster Posey was lost for the year in a jarring home plate collision. Guess what happened next? Another trend. Catchers being lost by ankle and knee injuries due to collisions. Fantasy managers have their work cut out for themselves like never before. Injuries creating roster emergencies. It's been reported more than a few skippers absorbing up to 12 injuries at once decimating rosters leaving them to scramble for replacements.

Cleveland continues to dazzle. Phillies almost back at full strength. Mets announce a new minority owner. Yankees sliding. Red Sox surging. Time for power rankings (through games of 8/30/11):

1 - Philadelphia (34-20)
2 - Cleveland (31-19)
3 - St, Louis (32-22)
4 - Florida (30-21)
5 - Boston (30-23)
6 - Yankees (28-23)
7 - Arizona (29-24)
8 - Atlanta (30-25)
9 - Milwaukee (29-34)
10- Tampa Bay (28-24)

Happy Memorial Day Americans!

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