Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two Time Loser Manny Ramirez Escapes Sentencing!

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Manny Ramirez retired in disgrace Friday. Good riddance! Ramirez was facing a record 100 game ban by Major League Baseball after a spring training drug test came up positive for performance-enhancing drugs, again. Another steroids era junky bites the dust.

"Manny being Manny." How many times have we heard that saying during Ramirez conflicted career? Manny was usually being selfish and stupid. His outstanding statistical career officially forever tainted. Be cautioned not to dismiss Boston's World Series curse ending season too quickly. All teams were juicing up. Personally, the entire era should be thrown out. Mark McGwire vs Sammy Sosa chase of Roger Maris single season 61 home run record was a farce. Barry Bonds, farce. Owners and Bud Selig escaping their direct involvement and knowledge of steroids ruling the day for personal greed was criminal.

Manny's actions wore thin on Boston teammates. LA was fed up with Manny's attitude (and 50 game PED suspension). Tampa Bay took a $2million gamble nonetheless. It was a one week strike out. Another bridge burned. Another steroid star bites the dust. Barry Bonds must be relieved focus shifted away for one day.

One can always hope Hall of Fame voters forever banish all artificially juiced players. A scandalous era forever erasing legendary names from all time top lists. Enjoy your retirement on the lam Manny.


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