Saturday, April 30, 2011

NBA Playoff Predictions - Conference Semifinals

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Ready. Set. Go. Great Semifinal games on deck. The first round of NBA Playoffs produced one huge upset. Memphis knocked off #1 seed San Antonio for their first ever playoff series victory. How far can they go?
Time for round two. Great match-ups will produce thrilling games. Prediction time...

Boston vs Miami - Much anticipated series will not disappoint... unless you live in South Florida. Miami's big 3 up against one of the best defenses. Boston has more than 3 big time players including one of the leagues deepest benches. Celtics in 5.

Chicago vs Atlanta - #1 seed Chicago dominated Atlanta in regular season action. Chicago is destined for East Conference Finals. Atlanta is a great team but no match for Bulls defense. Chicago sweep.

Los Angeles vs Dallas - By far the best semi's match-up. How far can the Lakers go? Can Dallas finally shake their playoff failures? Mavs are one of NBA's best teams. Deep & talented but always seem to find new ways to blow playoff series. Lakers are one of the best taking advantage of opponents weaknesses. Lakers bend but don't break D snarls opponents in late game situations. This one will go the distance. Lakers big game pressure wins vs Mavs big game pressure chokes. Lakers in 7.

Oklahoma City vs Memphis - OKC had no problem sending Denver packing in 5. Memphis stunned top seeded San Antonio. Memphis beat OKC in 3 of 4 regular season games. Each game of this series will come down to the final possession. Grizzlies hungry, determined, win in 6.


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