Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 NBA Playoff Predictions

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NBA Playoff basketball is about to begin. Grab a seat and catch all the action. Some great opening round series set to thrill. Don't get overly excited expecting upsets. Then again, over confident teams beware.

Chicago (62-20) vs Indiana (37-45). The new era of Chicago Bulls basketball has arrived. Bulls own NBA's best record. No let up here. Indiana outclassed. Bulls in 4
Orlando (52-30) vs Atlanta (44-38). Atlanta won the season series 3-1. Expect more of the same as Orlando's playoff misfortunes soon to be highlighted once again. Atlanta in 6.
Miami (58-24) vs Philadelphia (41-41). Is Miami deep enough to win playoff games? Much publicity surrounding this group. Wade, LeBron & Bosh answered the challenge once. Can they do it again. 76ers lucky to be here. Miami rolls in 4.
Boston (556-26) vs New York (42-40). It's been a long time coming. Boston vs New York playoff basketball resumes as the Knicks earned their first post-season trip since '03-04. This was also NY's first winning season in 10 years. Boston is struggling. Can NY pull off a big 1st round upset? Time will tell. Boston in 7.

San Antonio (61-21) vs Memphis (46-36). Spurs too good to think Memphis has any chance. Spurs sweep.
Los Angeles (57-25) vs New Orleans (46-36). Lakers team is aged, tired and banged up. NO is hungry. The stage is set for an early round upset. Don't bet on it. Lakers own Hornets. LA in 5.
Dallas (57-25) vs Portland (48-34). No team wanted to open up against a hot Portland club. Dallas/Portland split their season series 2 apiece. They match up evenly. Dallas' playoff failures well documented. Get ready to add another chapter. Portland in 7.
Oklahoma City (56-27) vs Denver (50-32). Pick'em. This series matches up evenly on paper. One of the most over looked series outside of respective home cities. Don't miss the action. These teams will thrill. OKC in 7.


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