Monday, July 27, 2009

Madden Football Rating Irks Veteran Receiver

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Seattle Seahawks receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh isn't a happy camper when it comes to his rating by EA Sports Madden '10. The Madden series video games have been one of the biggest sellers in video gaming history. It's popularity has spawned players of all ages, including NFLers.

TJ was so miffed by his 91 rating (99 is best) he sounded off. Sounds like he's crying over spilt milk since 91 is considered upper echelon. TJ was not a league leader in any receiving category last season. His 92 catches for a pathetic Cincinnati club was very impressive which warranted Madden's 91 rating as one of the games (Madden '10) top receivers.

Last season, TJ played for a lowly infighting 4 win Cincinnati team. He recorded only 4 touchdown receptions in '08. That stat is way down from 12 in 2007. Who do you think is most upset? 2008 Fantasy football coaches banking on TJ's previous season stats. The same coaches who were visibly upset on fantasy message boards sounding off on his lowly 4 TD total? I doubt many fans have any sympathy for an NFL vet just because his feelings are hurt by a lower than wanted video game ranking.

Houshmandzadeh losing it publicly over a Madden rating is laughable. He did pull in 92 passes successfully last year garnering a top ranking. TJ's will be playing in Seattle this season. Wonder what his motivation will be? Playing for better Madden ratings? Or, trying to help lead his new team to a Super Bowl title?

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