Monday, July 13, 2009

LeBron Orders Dunk Tapes Confiscated

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Has there ever been a player not dunked on in the NBA? Dunking the ball for easy baskets is one of basketball's oldest moves. Nearly every player has given up a dunk in either practice, pre-season, regular season or post-season. So why did Nike confiscate video of LeBron James giving up a two handed slam to Xavier sophmore James Crawford?

LeBron is one of basketball's current greats. He's reigning NBA MVP, recipient of a mega contract, major endorsement deals, sneakers bearing his name and subject of free agency rumors. "King James" & "Chosen One" are two nicknames often used to describe one of the NBA's biggest stars.

Nowadays, LJ has shown us all a glimpse of his tempermental side. After favored Cleveland was beaten by Orlando in the Eastern Conference Finals LJ stormed off the court without shaking hands with the victors. Now, he's being accused of asking Nike to confiscate video tapes showing James Crawford emphatic two handed slam dunk from a one on one game at Nike-run LeBron James Skills Academy.

Is his personality so fragile to prohibit a video from airing on YouTube? Come on LeBron, grow up! Isn't it ironic how coverups become bigger news than what is actually being covered up? Sports, politics, amateur vids... doesn't matter. Covering something up publicly only invites criticism and curiousity. "LeBron James gets dunked on video" was the fifth-most popular search on Google as of Thursday afternoon. So, what made this so embarrassing for James? You know what they say... if you can't make fun of yourself...

The ball is in Nike's court now. Release or not to release. Time will tell.


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