Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gorilla Linebacker KO'd by Zebra

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That's right. Strange but true. A Gorillas linebacker has been lost for the season after a zebra attack. According to a published report by The Wichita Eagle, Pittsburgh State Gorillas LB Joe Windscheffel was painting a fence when he was suddenly attacked and dragged by a zebra.

Windscheffel suffered a compound fracture of his right arm requiring a plate and six pins to reset. He had just moved three female zebra's and one male to paint a pasture fence. The male took exception and decided to move Windscheffel. Talk about a freakish injury. This kid's college career is now in jeopardy before it began. Last season he missed time and was red-shirted due to an achilles injury.

Ok, who has the video of this episode? Sounds too bizarre to be true. Then again, who could make up such a story? Hope he has a good sense of humor or plenty of meds to help him crack up. This one's for the ages.

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  1. haha are you serious? Well that is not a good way to go down, people will make fun of you! :) hahhaah. check me out and comment please

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  3. The Phils' are up 3-0 so here comes another win! Haha yeah, let's start the streak again. here is another post.

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