Thursday, September 26, 2013

NFL 2013 Week 4 Predictions

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11 correct Week 3 predictions raises our season total to 34-14. Week 4 is the first bye week of young season (Green Bay & Carolina). NY Giants, Washington, Pittsburgh, Minnesota & Tampa Bay are not used to losing their first three games of the year. All sit at 0-3 looking for answers.

-Giants offensive line is horrendous. Running game inept. Eli Manning 8 INT's.
-Washington's bottom ranked defense and RGIII not playing well.
-Aging Pittsburgh has no rhythm on offense.
-Minnesota lost to Cleveland, enough said.
-Tampa Bay makes QB change. Rookie QB from NC State Mike Glennon takes over. Josh Freeman benched, demands trade.
-Jacksonville, no hope in sight. -64 DIFF worst in NFL.

Every game seems big this week. Huge implications for all involved. Time to announce crystal ball results (home team in CAPS).

Week 4
49ers 34CARDINALS 14
Ravens 27BILLS 13
Bengals 27BROWNS 20
LIONS 37Bears 24
CHIEFS 28Giants 17
BUCS 17Cardinals 16
Colts 31JAGUARS 10
Seahawks 27TEXANS 21
Steelers 21VIKINGS 20
Jets 27TITANS 23
Redskins 20RAIDERS 10
BRONCOS 52Eagles 17
CHARGERS 31Cowboys 23
FALCONS 30Patriots 24
SAINTS 37Dolphins 17

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