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Giants Super Victory Unhinges Pats, Fans

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The New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions after snuffing out New England 21-17. As the Giants started post-game celebrations inside Lucas Oil Stadium a dejected and stunned Patriots team stumbled to their locker room. For the second time in five Super Bowls, New York's defense shut down New England's high powered offense and pulled off a last minute game winning drive.

Giants fans nationwide began celebrating as soon as Tom Brady's last play desperation heave fell harmlessly to the ground in the end zone. The man screams could be hear nearly everywhere in the tri-State area. It was a different story for the Patriots, their fans and one supermodel wife.

The Giants and Eli Manning once again staged an exciting fourth quarter comeback turning a Patriots victory into bitter defeat. Massachusetts lunatic college and university students used the opportunity to showcase occupy style mini-riots on campuses proving they really need educations on morality and dealing with life's twists & turns. Tom Brady's wife, Giselle, famously told off Giants fans heckling her "... my husband can't throw and catch" - a blatant reference to late game drops by wide receivers. Head Coach Belichick wasn't available for NBC's post-game interview. Tom Brady sat stunned once again in his locker. And, yes, Eli Manning went to Disney World.

Patriots and many game prognosticators wonder how the Giants won - or should I say - how the Patriots lost? The answer so obvious it's a wonder how any self respecting sports journalist has a problem figuring it all out. New York was simply the better team. They were better in nearly every phase of Super Bowl XLVI. Giants players rose to the occasion. Patriots players made mistakes.

New York took an early 2-0 lead because of a Tom Brady intentional grounding penalty from his own end zone on New England's first play thanks to the Giants unsung hero - punter Steve Weatherford. While most were talking of Brady vs Eli, Coughlin vs Belichick, over looked was special teams players. Every good coach will tell you special teams can make or break a team. Early in the game, Weatherford's outstanding punts kept New England deep within their own territory. Brady being called for intentional grounding was a very stupid play by a future Hall of Famer. There was no reason for the blatant play. Kudos to the referee's for having the guts to make an obvious call. After receiving the free kick, New York marched right down the field and quickly made the score 9-0.

New England made plenty of undisciplined and uncharacteristic mistakes. Take your pick, they were all costly. My short list:
1 - Brady end zone intentional grounding safety. Result: Pats first play gives NY 2 points! Giants 2 - Pats 0.
2 - On the Giants ensuing drive Pats called for too many men on the field negating a Giants Victor Cruz fumble in the redzone within Pats 10 yard line. Pats recovered the fumble but the penalty wiped out the 3rd down play. It was another turning point type play giving NY the ball on 1st and goal setting up an Eli to Cruz 2 yard touchdown. Giants 9 - Pats 0 thanks to Patriots uncharacteristic mistakes.
3 - Patriots defenders inability to recover 2 Giants second half fumbles in key situations.
4 - Brady was 16 for 16 during one stretch of the game - a Super Bowl record. He seemed to get injured on a Justin Tuck drive ending sack. Brady never looked the same.
5 - Leading by two, 17-15, Brady brilliantly scrambled away from Giants pass rush only to throw a terrible interception after he just lobbed the ball up towards Gronkowski. Poor decision as Welker and Branch were wide open underneath.
6 - After Brady's int, Pats forced a Bradshaw fumble but couldn't recover - again. Then, on 3rd and 2, Manning misfires but another costly penalty keeps the Giants drive alive. Instead of punting from their end zone, Giants maintain possession after an off-sides penalty.
7 - With 8:00 to go Pats begin a long drive only to have it end when Brady misfires to a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open Welker with 4:00 to go. Giants had burned 2 timeouts early in the 3rd quarter. Had this pass been completed then the game clock continues ticking with Pats inside Giants 20. Way too much flack thrown at Welker when it was Brady who misfired to a wide open man & NFL's leading catcher with 122 receptions.
8 - Final drive of the game, Giants leading 21-17, under 1 minute remaining. Drops by Welker, Branch & Fernandez set up a failed hail mary attempt.

Quite frankly, it's my belief the Patriots were flat out lucky not to have been blown out of this game. Giants built early 9-0 lead & were outplaying New England. Two huge penalties were drive killers. First was a 3rd and 1 holding penalty taking a 1st down away from NY inside Pats 20. NY settled for 3. NY again settled for 3 two drives later after another holding penalty wiped out a big play.

What about Giselle? Media now ripping her for post-game comments. Everything from don't dis your teammates to whatever else they can think up for eye grabbing headlines. She spoke up, so what? Was she wrong that Patriots players dropped passes? No. Did she single any one player out? No. Was she being harassed? Yes.

Win as a team, lose as a team. Giants won Super Bowl XLVI as a team. Punter, kicker, offense, defense, special teams, linemen, reserves, coaches & assistant coaches all contributed to victory. On New England's side - offense, defense, special teams, coaches, reserves, etc all contributed to defeat. That's football ladies and gentlemen.

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