Saturday, February 11, 2012

Broadway's Newest Star: The Linderella Man

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New York's newest star is an unlikely hero. Jeremy Lin - a.k.a. "Linsanity", "Linderella", "The Linderella Man" - is lighting up opponents and energizing Madison Square Garden fans. Lin’s 89 points in his first three starts is the most by an NBA player since the merger in 1976-77.

Last night's performance vs LA Lakers - 38 points, 7 assists - brought everyone to their feat. The Knicks played without star starters Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire giving LA a distinct advantage heading into the contest. Or so they thought. Lin's performance set off a series of high five's and chest bumps throughout the contest. One great spin layup after another left Lakers players stunned on the court. By the time it was all over the Knicks cruised to a 92-85 home victory.

Kobe knows Lin - at least he does now after being clueless two night's ago. When interviewed before heading to New York, Kobe was asked about Lin's two previous breakout performances. He had now clue. After last night's game - players and fans from coast to coast know Jeremy Lin.

NFL had "Tebowing". NBA now has "Linning".

Lin was quoted after his latest thrilling game. "The journey was very different, tough at times, my family has been through a lot," he said, referring to getting cut by two teams and his several D-League stints. “It’s been an unbelievable journey. The whole last year and a half, the downs we had to go through. We’re just trying to enjoy everything and handle everything the right way." (NY Post).

How long can the ride last? All systems go for now. But, the word is out on this kid and opposing defenses will soon devise strategies to stifle Lin's recent surge. Not bad for an undrafted player from Harvard who bounced around from team tryout to team tryout before signing with Golden State in 2010. New York took a chance on Lin via waivers and it's been storybook ever since.

Welcome to the NBA Jeremy Lin. Broadway's lights are shining bright.

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