Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Rumblings - Tebow, Larkin, Juan's Gone

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Tim Tebow's heroic performance in Sunday's spectacular AFC Wild Card Playoff Game overtime victory against defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers showed the world how dreams come true. Tebow's overtime record setting 80 yard laser strike to teammate WR Demaryius Thomas electrified Denver Broncos fans everywhere.

Let there be no doubt - Tim Tebow is an NFL quarterback, period! 

Pittsburgh's defense main objective was containing Denver's cagy QB. Tebow and his Broncos entered the game losers of their final 3 regular season games. Tebow made mistake after mistake during this forgettable stretch from costly fumbles to amateurish interceptions. Tebow shook off any cobwebs and all detractors by shredding Pittsburgh's defense on the ground and through the air. In the end, after Tebowing, Tebow took a victory lap in front of screaming Broncos fans. Tebow's rise to fame proves, once again, dreams do come true.

Baseball's Hall of Fame will soon welcome a new member. Former Cincinnati Reds short-stop Barry Larkin was named on 86.4% of ballots cast. Larkin will join Ron Santo. My past blog re: Santo (12/05/11) - Santo's injustice of being named after he died is a disgrace to his legacy. "Ron Santo is finally heading into the Hall. I will never understand how Santo wasn't voted in during the 15 year eligibility votes. Then comes the HOF Veterans Committee which basically has the power to elect players who never received enough votes. Here's the real injustice. Veterans Committee had 12 years - 12 - to right a wrong. Is it their inner guilt taking over? Ron Santo died one year ago. Now, he gets in? Why not when he was alive allowing him the feeling of being a Hall of Fame inductee? Bittersweet. "

Larkin enters on his third try. His career spanned 19 years, all with Cincinnati. Larkin won 1995 NL MVP. He was a gamer but never really put up great numbers. I often wonder how some guys like Larkin receive enough votes and how others, such as Alan Trammell, do not? Hall of Fame voting is one of baseball's great mysteries.

Another fine moment is to be taken from voting results. Steroid junkie Juan Gonzalez didn't receive enough votes to considered for future voting. Gonzo needed 5% of votes cast to remain. I'll cheerfully use a slogan often used on days Gonzo blasted one of 434 career home runs. Juan Gone! Justice is done - so are his chances of ever being considered again. Perhaps Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro will soon join him in nowhere land. One can always hope.

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