Monday, January 9, 2012

No Suitors for Prince Fielder?

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Take a quick look at Prince Fielder's Major League Baseball career resume (here). One of baseball's premier clutch hitting sluggers. Prince's 162 game average after 7 big league season's is tough to beat: .929 OPS, .282 BA, 37 HR, 106 RBI. Why haven't more teams stepped up and offered Prince a contract?

Rumor mills claim Fielder received offers from Seattle and Washington. Forget about it Seattle (unless no other offers come up). Washington would be a nice fit for Prince. Time is running out. The Nationals don't really need his services. Where are the other teams? A great fit for Texas? LA needs a new gate attraction - their well publicized financial woes probably prohibit the move.

It appears Fielder wants top dollar and a long term deal. If he's smart - considering a deferred payment plan will ultimately land a large sum deal. Why not? His future would be set?

No reports seem to hit it out of the park as to why Milwaukee's slugging first baseman remains without a contract. It's getting late. The later it gets, the harder to find a long term deal. Something needs to give. San Francisco Giants make the perfect home in my book. They long for a big gamer. Cubs new GM Theo Epstein's bosses and fans want to win NOW - and Fielder is a perfect fit. Florida made a big splash chasing after Albert Pujols who decided sign with LA Angels. Why hasn't Florida chased after Prince?

It's odd when a relatively young talent isn't signed. No collusion seen as in year's past. An unsigned Prince Fielder remains the great question of the day.

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