Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Night Quickie - Selig Denies Mets 9-11 Hat Tribute

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How many New York Mets and Yankees fans remember our baseball players wearing hats saluting New York Police and Fire Departments after the attacks of September 11, 2001? Mets and Yankees players wore all sorts of NYFD/FDNY logo's on their New York hats paying tribute to lives lost and the American spirit when baseball resumed games following 9-11-01.

Sunday night, September 11, 2011 - New York Mets players had planned wearing similar style hats just as they did 10 years ago as their tribute to our fallen heroes. Major League Baseball's Commissioners Office - Bud Selig - took exception and wrote the Mets telling them to ditch their effort. MLB wanted a uniform tribute from stadium to stadium. No exceptions! MLB went the extra mile of ordering officials to confiscate Mets players hats before the game. Can you believe it?

Bud Selig - the baseball commissioner who stood silently idle when major leaguers took steroids, human growth hormones, drugs finally takes a stand. Against Mets players simply trying to show their support of victims during an emotional weekend. Where are Selig's priorities? Selig, the former Milwaukee Brewers owner turned Commissioner, has caught plenty of grief in my previous entries. His decision Sunday goes beyond being profoundly and morally wrong.

The story gets better (worse). Selig is now angry Mets players spoke out by publicly announcing what MLB (specifically the Commissioner's Office) did to squash Mets efforts.
Selig phoned the Mets Sunday "irate that the club had gone public with the news that his office had prevented players from wearing the caps of Sept. 11 first responders for that night's game at Citi Field" - the New York Post reported.
Selig now feels the Mets threw the league under a bus. Nonsense. It was the commissioner throwing a Mets tribute under the bus in the name of conformity. Selig wanted each and every player, coach, manager, dugout personnel wearing the same exact hat containing a predetermined Commissioner's Office approved remembrance logo. Hogwash Commissioner - with all due respect - you blew it again. Why deny ONE team their special tribute in the home city of where attacks took place, where thousand's of lives were lost- just for conformity? Then, in childish fashion, lash out like a little brat?

Don't worry baseball fans. Selig's tenure will soon end. He's been a complete disaster from start to finish.

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