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2011 Football Power Rankings

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2011 Football Power Rankings (Week 2)
NCAA Football has featured two weeks of sensational contests. University of Michigan stunned Notre Dame in the closing seconds 35-31. Ranked #1 in AP polls - for a record 100 times - Oklahoma Sooners! Quite an accomplishment when considering the long history of college football featuring dynasty type systems over the years.

Speaking of rankings - it's time for All World All Sports - NCAA Top 20 Rankings (thru two weeks).
1 - Oklahoma
2 - LSU
3 - Alabama
4 - Boise State
5 - Florida State
6 - Wisconsin
7 - Oklahoma State
8 - Texas A&M
9 - Nebraska
10- Stanford
11- Virginia Tech
12- Oregon
13- South Carolina
14- Michigan State
15- Ohio State
16- West Virginia
17- Arkansas
18- Florida
19- South Florida
20- Auburn

Opening weekend of NFL action took on many emotions. Sunday's games were played September 11 - a day the USA will never forget. Remembrance ceremonies across the country were on display honoring those who perished 10 years earlier. NFL stadiums hosted various dedications and moments of silence remembering lives lost.

Emotional festivities quickly turned into bone crunching regular season football action. And, action there was throughout the league culminating with two exciting Monday Night Football games. There was no shortage of special teams action either. Kickoff and punt returners electrified crowds. Jets special teams punt block turned touchdown stunned Dallas. Rookie Carolina QB Cam Newton began his career with a 422 yard passing effort during a 27-21 loss to Arizona. Tom Brady connected with Wesley Welker for a 99 yard pass play touchdown as New England romped over Miami.

Buckle up. The 2011 football season is young. Week 1 set highlight reels ablaze.

NFL Power Rankings
1 - Green Bay Packers
2 - New England Patriots
3 - New York Jets
4 - Philadelphia Eagles
5 - New Orleans Saints
6 - Houston Texans
7 - Baltimore Ravens
8 - San Diego Chargers
9 - Chicago Bears
10- Pittsburgh Steelers
11- Atlanta Falcons
12- Oakland Raiders
13- San Francisco 49ers
14- Detroit Lions
15- Carolina Panthers
Stay tuned - tremendous match-ups in both NCAA and NFL action coming up later this week!

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