Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend of Flaring Tempers

"All World All Sports"

-Digger's Daily-

Sports fans had plenty to cheer and jeer during the past week. World Cup, Wimbledon, inter-league baseball play, NHL & NBA drafts have been front and center. So have blown calls, temper tantrums and near fights between teammates.

World Cup officiating has been nothing short of pitiful. US was robbed of a goal in the opening round costing them a win and near elimination. Today, another really bad missed call nearly marred Germany vs England. Perhaps it did take the wind away from England's sails? We'll never know. What we all do know is the ref's failed to give England a goal on a ball that clearly passed the goal line. Had the goal been allowed, England would have tied up their match 2-2 (Germany eventually won 4-2). Moments later in Mexico's loss to Argentina, the refs missed an obvious off sides resulting in a score which never should have been allowed. There's plenty of faulty officiating in World Cup action having direct impact on game results. Politics, favoritism or just flat out ineptitude? It's been a sad state of affairs in 2010 World Cup play.

Earlier this week Chicago Cubs hot head starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano went postal after allowing 4 first inning runs to cross town rival Chicago White Sox. The Cubs starter doesn't have his best stuff this year. Their one time ace is struggling and was even demoted briefly to bullpen duties earlier in last month. After surrendering 4, he stormed off the field into Chicago's dugout and went berserk. He singled out fellow teammates before getting into Derrek Lee's face. Zambrano was immediately tossed from the dugout and suspended by Cubs management. It's uncertain when he'll be allowed back to pitch. Zambrano's $20 million price tag will make it nearly impossible for Chicago to trade their disgraced and disgruntled pitcher.

Feathers were also ruffled in struggling Tampa Bay's dugout. After CF Upton lackadaisically chased after a gapper to left center which eventually went for a triple instead of double, team leader Evan Longoria took exception when Rays players returned to the dugout. Upton put his finger in Longoria's face just before the two were separated by teammates.

Turning up the heat isn't just for weather temperatures in 2010.

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