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Crystal Ball Gazing - NFL 2010

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NFL teams are planning strategies for the new 2010 season. Plenty of question marks remain for GM's and head coaches with training camps soon to open for business. Does New Orleans have what it takes to repeat? Is the Jets defense as good as advertised or just one personnel incident away from implosion? Is Tony Romo finally ready to become Dallas' team leader or will 2010 be just another season filled with drama in Cowboys country? How many more years will Raiders fans suffer without a respectable team?

Here's a quick long distance preview of what's in store for 2010 standings.

1) Jets - Terrifying defense, improving offense.
2) Dolphins - Punishing ground game.
3) Patriots - Never the same after spygate.
4) Bills - Who in their right mind would pay to watch Buffalo?

1) Ravens - All they need is a WR who can catch.
2) Bengals- 2nd by default over troubled Pittsburgh.
3) Steelers - QB suspended. Ground game in trouble. Defense will spend too much time on the gridiron.
4) Browns - No signs of short or long term improvement.

1) Colts - AFC champs want revenge. Defense holds the keys to playoff success.
2) Titans - Came on strong when Young returned. Can Johnson rush for 2000 again?
3) Texans - Look out. Houston is becoming very strong. Running game cost them wins last year.
4) Jaguars - Has everyone thrown in the towel? Jax franchise sinking fast.

1) Chargers - Hasn't figured out key to winning playoff formula.
2) Broncos - Exciting at times. Lucky to play .500 in '10.
3) Chiefs - Might be ready to begin smart football. Still recovering from Edwards disastrous era.
4) Raiders - No coach can help this bunch of losers.


1) Giants - Health issues killed their chances in '09. New stadium, new enthusiasm.
2) Cowboys - So close yet again. Big D fans are getting used to monumental collapses.
3) Eagles - McNabb is gone. Soon, fans will wish he was back.
4) Redskins - Look out Eagles. You might get leapfrogged by McNabb's Redskins.

1) Vikings - Most spoke of Favre's playoff interception. What about 6 fumbles including what was to be goal line game clincher?
2) Packers - Defense stands between good and great. Which will it be in '10?
3) Bears - Expectations were too high in '09. Ditto for '10 but very, very talented team.
4) Lions - 33 wins in past 9 years. No, it's not a typo!

1) Saints - Champs explosive offense matures. Was D for real in '09? We'll find out soon enough.
2) Falcons - Huge let down in '09.
3) Panthers - Delhomme was horrible. Team showed promise when it was too late.
4) Bucs - 5 games scoring in single digits last year. How many this year?

1) 49ers - By default in NFL's worst division.
2) Cardinals - It's Leinart's team now.
3) Seahawks - Many believed '09 would reap positive results. West is there's if they learn to play smart football. It all begins and ends with coaching staff.
4) Rams - Past 3 seasons = 3, 2, then 1 win. Nope, they're not playing Detroit in '10. There's no hope.

There's a long way to go before NFL 2010 kicks off. Plenty of personnel decisions & changes will be make during the coming months. Obviously, this is far from any sort of final analysis. No Cinderella predictions just yet although Tennessee or Houston would rank high on long shots to bet on. More to follow when news from training camps shake out.

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