Wednesday, April 7, 2010

McNabb Trades Wings for Hatchet!

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Season after season NFL fans have heard all the rumors claiming Donovan McNabb was about to be traded. Rumors, bloggers and various speaking heads had speculated of this day for years. Well, after 11 years of high's and low's, Philadelphia finally parted company with one of the franchises most popular players. On paper, McNabb's statistics seem impressive. 82-45-1 record, 32,873 yards on 59% completions, 216 TD vs 100 INT, 3,249 career rushing yards (5.7 average). The one glaring ommission... and NFL Super Bowl Championship for a city that hates to lose.

Perhaps it's time for the Eagles to find a new path. My biggest question isn't why was McNabb traded? Put in simplest of terms... why trade McNabb to a division rival??? There's no good reason for this. NFL teams far and wide would clearly line up for his services. Now, McNabb will not only get to play against his former team... he'll probably beat them too. He brings more to Washington than talent. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to education his new coaches about their division rival. He knows their defense inside and out. Offensive tendencies inside and out. Trading McNabb will be debated in Philly for years. Trading McNabb to arch rival Washington has been lambasted from cover to cover.

Washington gains something they have not had for years. A real NFL quarterback. Lack of a leader under center has taken its' toll on this once proud franchise. New Head Coach Mike Shanahan was all smiles after landing McNabb. He has an All Pro QB and can now focus attention on refining draft day strategies. Shanahan will certainly revamp a floundering Skins offense and he has a near perfect weapon to get things rolling. Look for many Washington changes approaching draft day. Not much work needs to be done to turn this group of underachievers into winners. Philadelphia fans will soon regret the day Donovan was traded. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for!

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