Friday, April 9, 2010

England vs U.S.A. World Cup Match Threatened

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2010 FIFA World Cup will be held in South Africa this summer. The world's best players will go head to head representing their respective homelands. Eight groups consisting of four teams/group will compete for superiority... and of course... the World Cup.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the war on terror will soon focus on Cup matches. England vs USA match scheduled for June 12th has been directly targeted by an online contributor to a militant website. Various unconfirmed reports site different potential groups responsible for the posting. I'm not an investigative journalist so no point in mentioning a rumor of an individual claiming responsibility of this magnitude without being able to back it up. However, the threat was real. South Africa, England and United States officials are busy beefing up security training and infrastructure for the match.

American's here at home often take safety for granted. Most are immune from how people live in different corners of the world. Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe. People of the world know full well terror can strike at any momnent. Hopefully, terror groups will never strike on our soil ever again. Unfortunately, unthinkable as it might be, September 11th is a distant memory to many here at home while terror activities continue thriving abroad. And now, a World Cup match is suddenly on full alert.

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