Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NFL Predictions Week 11

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Let's talk football. This has been a busy news week. Buffalo (3-6) canned coach Dick Jauron who was unable to transform his Bills into winners. Former famed Denver sideline pacer, Mike Shanahan, is already being considered a serious candidate to take over. The media circus surrounding Belichick has finally subsided. Miami suffered a key blow as they lost Ronnie Brown to season ending IR status. Cincinnati's season sweep of Pittsburgh confirms these guys are for real. They just added RB Larry Johnson as big time depth and insurance. New Orleans and Indianapolis kept rolling and remain unbeaten with 9-0 records. Speaking of records, last week I correctly picked 11 of 15 raising my season total to 93-51.

Here's Week 11 (home in CAPS):

CAROLINA 27 Miami 20 - (Thursday) Miami's Brown done for the year. Panthers warming up, starting to gel.

DALLAS 48 Washington 14 - Dallas fires away. Big day for fantasy owners. Washington never in this one.

DETROIT 23 Cleveland 10 - Barometer game for Cleveland determing if they're downright terrible or agonizingly pathetic.

GREEN BAY 24 San Francisco 17 - Must win game for two teams with playoffs on their minds. Rodgers is the difference.

Pittsburgh 26 KANSAS CITY 6 - Bounceback game for Steelers after getting stuffed by Cincy. KC has a long way to go.

GIANTS 31 Atlanta 28 - Sentimental pick here. Giants are mighty no more. From 5-0 to 5-4. Bounce back or play dead? Loser will have an uphill battle.

New Orleans 38 TAMPA BAY 24 - Game of big plays. Saints to 10-0.

JACKSONVILLE 33 Buffalo 9 - Jags beginning to believe. Buffalo searching for new head coach.

Indianapolis 30 BALTIMORE 21 - Colts keep rolling. Watch out for upset game. If Ravens can find some offense then this could become a shootout. Big "IF".

MINNESOTA 30 Seattle 17 - Peterson runs wild. Favre connects on 3rd downs. Vikes serious Bowl contender.

Arizona 40 ST LOUIS 3 - Warner returns to pad stats vs defenseless Rams. Another 5 TD game?

NEW ENGLAND 33 Jets 14 - This is not the same Patriots team New York stunned in week 2. Jets (4-5) having green moments after beginning 3-0.

Cincinnati 24 Oakland 20 - Bengals own 2 game AFC North lead. Larry Johnson signed for Benson insurance.

San Diego 33 Denver 14 - Deja vu. Denver blowing another big AFC West lead over San Diego. Denver won 6 straight, now lost 3 straight. Simms to replace Orton? Chargers (6-3) streaking after 4 wins in a row... make it 5.

Philadelphia 26 CHICAGO 13 - When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Chicago hasn't performed anywhere close to how I expected in 2009. I thought all Cutler needed to do was lead Chicago the way Phil Simms or Trent Dilfer did during their Super Bowl seasons. Cutler has been a disaster. Eagles lost back to back close games need this one badly.

HOUSTON 27 Tennessee 21 - (Monday Night Football) Titans are red hot and playing for respect after a horrific beginning. Houston's big play offense is maturing. A must win game for an organization starving for first playoff appearance.


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