Monday, November 23, 2009

Favre Silencing Critics with MVP Calibur Season

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Brett Favre's recent on again off again retirement chatter solicited controversial commentary far and wide. He held out as late as possible before deciding to play in 2009 for Minnesota. Former Packers and Jets players scoffed, ridiculed and heckled Favre's decision. Once again Favre has proved naysayers wrong.

Newspapers and tv analysts questioned his playing abilities. Would he help, hurt or just be a distraction against a team in the rise (Vikings)? Most critics are now cheering fans. Favre has been magnificent leading the Minnesota Vikings (9-1). His stats are staggering suggesting he's the front runner to win 2009 NFL MVP honors. 21 TD passes (2nd most) vs only 3 interceptions (NFL fewest). NFL leading 112.1 QB rating. 69.7% completion rate is second by .01 to Peyton Manning. Favre's Vikings are 9-1. He's beaten his former Packers team twice. Dominated all NFC foes. This past Sunday he surgically shred Seattle's defense completing 22 of 25 attempts including 4 TD's in a 35-9 blowout. Minnesota's on the march. Favre's leading the way.

Statistically speaking, 2009 might become Favre's most efficient year of his illustrious 19 year career. In my book, as of this moment there's a two man race for NFL MVP. Brett Favre vs Peyton Manning. I doubt anyone could substantiate tossing a third name into the mix unless these guys falter or someone records an unbelievable final 6 games. Unfortunately, Minnesota vs Indianapolis do not play each other in regular season action. Perhaps, they'll meet in this years' Super Bowl?


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