Thursday, September 24, 2009

Player of the Week: High Schooler Matt Ziesel

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It's time for a feel good story based on sportsmanship, fair play and genuine human compassion. Three cheers to 15 year old St. Joseph Benton Cardinals (high school) football freshman player Matt Ziesel who scored his first touchdown this past weekend.

Matt has Downs Syndrome. His football season found him sitting on the bench begging for a chance to play. St. Joseph's was losing 46-0 to the Maryville Spoofhounds when their head coach Dan McCamey suddenly walked across the field with only seconds remaining. He spoke with Maryville's coach before returning to the Cards sidelines. McCamey then called on #45, Matt Ziesel, to take the field.

The play call for a handoff to Ziesel. He had one mission... score! Here's the VIDEO broadcast on MSN. St. Joseph's blockers cleared the way and Maryville's defenders were instructed not to make a tackle. Ziesel sprinted down the right side for his first ever touchdown.

Hats off to everyone involved. Coach Dan McCamey and all players deserve boat loads of credit for making a dream come true. Ziesel quickly became a hit... 150,000+ viewer hits have watched this play on YouTube. He's an instant celebrity gaining notoriety on local and national levels. Many major networks and ESPN ran with this story.

Welcome to celebrity status Matt! Savor the moment.

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