Friday, September 11, 2009

Jets Tossed Favre Under Bus!

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The New York Jets finally admitted throwing Brett Favre under a bus after last years late season collapse kept them out of the playoffs. New York newspapers, ESPN, Green Bay fans, Jets players and thousands of fans pointed their collective fingers at Favre when the Jets lost 4 of their final 5 games.

Favre showed pure class taking the heat left at his feat. New York was sitting pretty at 8-3 and big city folk were talking New York vs New York Super Bowl. Too many fans seem to forget Favre wasn't the only problem in their losses. If anything, he probably kept them close. Coach Mangini's play calling was pathetic. Running game disappeared. Wide receivers ran wrong routes and dropped plenty of passes in key situations. Special teams was awol. A total team effort. Yes, Favre made mistakes with forced throws when he probably should have tossed the pigskin out of bounds to save possessions.

Favre's now playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Wednesday, Brett stated the Jets knew he was playing with a torn biceps and had told team coaches and front office personnel it was probably best if he sits in favor of his healthy understudy. Ha-ha, the joke was on Jets fans. Not only did the coaching staff violate NFL rules by not declaring his injury... but, they knew Favre's arm strength was shot.

So many critics blasted Favre when his throws went haywire. Here was his take when interviewed this week: "Absolutely, I was receptive to it last year (being benched to rest/win)," he said. "When we finally did an MRI and found out I had a torn biceps last year, I felt like, with about four or five games left, that even though I was making some pretty good throws and some decent plays, I felt like I was doing the team more harm because I was missing on some throws. Subtle, just a yard off, 2 yards off, maybe a tad behind."

Guess what folks? It was the coaching staff applying pressure for him to play. Smoke and mirrors everywhere these days from sports to phony politicians. Investigative journalism is all too often non-existent. The Jets kept their mouths shut about his injury. After losses, Mangini said Brett did this or didn't do that. Teammates became unnerved and did the same.

NFL is now investigating the Jets for failure to report Favre's status which is against league rules. Go get'em NFL. It'll only be a fine but let it be on record. Gutless move by an entire organization from top to bottom. You can google this saga to read up on how the Jets GM & coaches failed miserably to rest Favre so he could regain arm strength. I was never a Jets fan. Stuff like this will keep me rooting against them all year once again.

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