Thursday, November 28, 2013

NFL 2013 NFL Week 13 Predictions

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Week 12 was a crazy weekend of NFL action. Green Bay vs Minnesota ended in a 26-26 tie! Detroit was dumped by Tampa Bay. The suddenly explosive Rams carved up Chicago 42-21. It's never easy watching good teams fail miserably... Texans flat out stink and proved it by losing to woeful Jacksonville... at home! Indianapolis is getting exposed - Cardinals flew right past them 40-11. Broncos coughed up a huge lead as Brady's hot 2nd half led the way to 34-31 OT victory. Cowboys offensive line woke up just in time to protect Romo for a final game drive to win on the last play in NY 24-21.

So what does this all mean in regards to teams playoff hopes? (standings) Simplest answer, it's remains a fight to the finish. Only 6 of 32 teams have no shot at playoff action. As of right now, AFC's 6th seeded team would be the 5 win, 6 loss Tennessee Titans by virtue of tie-breaker rules vs 5 others. Final seed might back in with a losing record. Two NFC division leaders sporting mediocre 6-5 records. Crazy stuff indeed.

Speaking of crazy... only 6 correct picks last weekend thanks to a bevy of upsets. 116-60 (67.4%) Nearly every game has huge implications this weekend. Home team in CAPS.

Week 13
LIONS 34Packers 24
COWBOYS 40Raiders 17
RAVENS 23Steelers 17
BROWNS 26Jaguars 14
Bears 23
Titans 23
Dolphins 20JETS 10
EAGLES 24Cardinals 20
PANTHERS 27Bucs 17
Patriots 42TEXANS 9
BILLS 17Falcons 13
Rams 3149ERS 27
Broncos 34CHIEFS 23
Bengals 28CHARGERS 20
Giants 24REDSKINS 20
SEAHAWKS 30Saints 27

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