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All World All Sports Picks Baseball's Best of 2012

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Next week MLB announces the 2012 award winners. This past baseball season was fantastic from beginning to end. We were treated to great individual and team accomplishments. No hitters, triple crown, sensational rookies and breakout performances. I'm guessing most winners will not be debated - except for one (AL MVP).

MLB announced the 2012 finalists - award winners revealed next week. Here's my take...

Adrian Beltre Solid season by Rangers 3B offensively & defensively. Rangers most consistant player all season long. Was 2004 MVP runner up.
Miguel Cabrera Tigers 3B completed baseball's first Triple Crown since Yaz won in 1967. No player was more valuable to his team.
Robinson Cano Yankees 2B is one of the games best hitters but not so hot with RISP.
Josh Hamilton Here's the paper thin nominee. Hamilton finished with great numbers but it was an up and down season which had management questioning his desire. Surprised he's a finalist.
Mike Trout Rookie Angels sensation garnered a ton of attention after a superb rookie season.
Probably the most contested award of the year. Talking heads seem evenly divided between Cabrera & Trout.

Winner: Miguel Cabrera. MVP award should be given to the player most valuable to his teams success. Let there be no doubt. Tigers would not have won the AL Central without Cabrera. Triple Crown winner did it all season long. Moved from 1B to 3B when Detroit signed Prince Fielder. Hit in the clutch.

Ryan Braun Brewers outfielder won in 2011. One of NL's top players knocked a career high 41 HR.
Chase Headley Break out season for Padres 3B. Career best in most offensive categories.
Andrew McCutchen Hands down winner if voting was conducted at July's end. Not so hot finish doomed Pirates - and his chances of winning.
Yadier Molina Baseball's premier defensive catcher posted career high's in batting. He is one of the games best signal callers. A true MVP. Great clutch performer.
Buster Posey Great comeback season after a devastating injury nearly ended his career. NL's leading hitter with little to no lineup protection propelled Giants to NL West crown.

Winner: Buster Posey. Giants standout performer on one of NL's weakest hitting teams.

David Price 2010 runner up led AL with 2.56 ERA.
Justin Verlander Can JV pull off back to back awards?
Jered Weaver Began 14-1, finished 20-5.

Winner: Jered Weaver. AL Cy Young is a tossup. Weaver gets our nod even though Verlander seems locked in to win again.

R.A. Dickey Dickey was Mets MVP. Knuckleballer had a terrific season. Led NL with 230 K.
Gio Gonzalez Led NL with 21 wins and Nats to NL East title.
Clayton Kershaw Defending NL Cy Young winner led NL with 2.53 ERA, 1.023 ERA & 6.7 H/9.

Winner: R.A. Dickey. Dickey is our pick. Don't be surprised if Gio wins.

Bob Melvin, A's 94-68
Buck Showalter, Orioles 93-69
Robin Ventura, White Sox 85-77

Winner: Buck Showalter Orioles season stunned baseball. Orioles nearly won powerhouse AL East. Buck deserves much credit creating a winning atmosphere and superb handling of Baltimore's bullpen.

Dusty Baker, Reds 97-65
Bruce Bochy, Giants 94-68
Davey Johnson, Nationals 98-64

Winner: Davey Johnson. DJ skippered Washington to baseball's best record. 1st winning season since franchise moved from Montreal after 2004 season.

Yoenis Cespedes, Athletics
Yu Darvish, Rangers
Mike Trout, Angels

Winner: Mike Trout. Led AL in runs scored (129) & stolen bases (49) while playing in only 139 games. Unanimous.

Todd Frazier, Reds
Bryce Harper, Nationals
Wade Miley, Diamondbacks

Winner: Bryce Harper. Miley was a close 2nd in our book. However, Harper seemed to energize the Nats helping them capture the NL East.

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