Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions: Week 4

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-Digger's Weekly-

They're back! After one of the ugliest weekends in NFL history replacement refs are out and NFL first line officials are coming back. NFL action was way too fast for low level replacements. Unfortunately, many games have been determined by bad officiating culminated by Monday Night's final play when one ref signaled interception & another (standing 6 inches away) declared game winning touchdown. What a joke. I can't begin imagining what was going on in Las Vegas sportsbooks. Disaster.

My picks have been consistant. 8-8 for the 3rd week in a row. Season total is 24-24. Things would be much different if not for NFL putting out substandard scenario.

Here we go... Week 4 kicks off later tonight (home team in CAPS).

RAVENS 27 Browns 3

FALCONS 31 Panthers 20
Patriots 27 BILLS 23
LIONS 27 Vikings 20
Chargers 34 CHIEFS 24
Seahawks 24 RAMS 10
49ers 33 JETS 7
TEXANS 28 Titans 17
Bengals 27 JAGUARS 21
CARDINALS 20 Dolphins 17
BRONCOS 27 Raiders 24
PACKERS 38 Saints 31
Redskins 26 BUCS 14
Giants 35 EAGLES 21

Bears 24 COWBOYS 23

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