Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions (Pre-Season)

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Get ready for NFL 2012. Super Bowl defending champion New York Giants will set out to defend their title. There hasn't been a repeat champ since the 2003-04 New England Patriots. Eli Manning's Giants might just be the team to pull it off.

Time for picking winners and losers as training get underway.

New England Patriots - still best in East.
New York Jets* - Tebow pressures Sanchez.
Buffalo Bills - Getting better.
Miami Dolphins - Still haven't found a bonified QB since Marino.

Baltimore Ravens - Aging team can't get it done in playoffs.
Pittsburgh Steelers* - Last hurrah before rebuilding?
Cincinnati Bengals - Watch out, these guys might step it up in '12.
Cleveland Browns - Not a good team. Not getting better any time soon.

Houston Texans - What could have been if healthy?
Tennessee Titans - Solid core.
Jacksonville Jaguars - Rebuilding. In need of true team leader.
Indianapolis Colts - They have a long, long way to go.

Denver Broncos - Peyton Manning fans pray he's healthy.
San Diego Chargers - Norv Turner continues to be the wrong choice. Too much talent to remain mediocre season after season.
Kansas City Chiefs - Building the perfect beast.
Oakland Raiders - Defense gets a new look which could finally pay dividends.

New York Giants - Young, strong, dynasty in the making?
Philadelphia Eagles* - Win some, lose some.
Dallas Cowboys - Most over-rated team of 2000's.
Washington Redskins - Does anyone outside of Washington remember their glory days?

Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl material.
Detroit Lions* - Exciting in '11. Talented in '12.
Chicago Bears - Trying to turn the corner.
Minnesota Vikings - Sputtering offense needs a new game plan.

Atlanta Falcons - It's now or never time in Atlanta.
New Orleans Saints - Bounty-Gate? Only time will tell how these guys respond short handed.
Carolina Panthers - Don't be surprised if they become NFL Cinderella team.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Rebuilding will not take long.

San Francisco 49ers - Harbaugh the saviour. Can they repeat?
Arizona Cardinals - Win pretty, lose ugly. .500 club at best.
Seattle Seahawks - Ugliest NFL uniforms can't hide weak offense.
St. Louis Rams - Starting to assemble their future.

In depth coverage to follow. There's been plenty to discuss as we get ready for pre-season action. Stay tuned.

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