Monday, March 26, 2012

Tebow Invades New York

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Never before has so much attention focused on a back up quarterback in New York. The New York Jets officially presented former Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow to Big Apple reporters for a press conference this afternoon.

Much has been made about the Jets trading for Tebow. Mark Sanchez is New York's starter, period. New York sports sections have not been fans of the Jets newest acquisition. Get ready folks. Everything changes on a dime with fickle New York reporters. Over the years, New York papers have turned on long time sports legends from Roger Maris to Wayne Gretzky. Get ready Sanchez... reporters will quickly create rough times if the Jets stumble next September.

Many have publicly questioned why the Jets bothered bringing Tebow to an already disfunctional team. New York's 2011 season was a bitter disappointment to players and fans. Much was written regarding lack of team leadership and clubhouse turmoil. What are New Yorkers to think of Tebow's sudden arrival?

There's plenty of pro's and con's. Let's break it down.

Pro's. 1) Tebow is a class act. His dedication to the game - and life - is well documented. 2) Jets will score a grand slam in revenue generated merchandising of Tebow. 3) Tebow is a proven end of game miracle worker. 4) Defenses will have to adjust to Tebow's cat-like reflexes, scrambling ability and strength. 5) Jets can design specific Tebow plays from roll-outs to Wildcat offense. 6) He can be utilized in various formations - there's been hints of getting Tebow involved in other positions. 7) Perhaps other players can draw off Tebow's faith. 8) Tebow's presence should quickly mature Sanchez into a believer. 9) Sanchez will hopefully work much harder to execute game plans. 10) Sanchez knows Tebow is waiting in the wings for an opportunity to play forcing the Jets starter to get on the same page with coaches and receivers (missing in all of 2011). 11) Coaches hoping Tebow is a positive leader in the lockerroom. 12) Trading for a proven winner is anything but negative. Jets should feel secure in the knowledge their new #2 can step in at anytime for their current #1.

Con's 1) Jets players already criticizing their newest teammate. 2) Jets would be foolish to take too many snaps away from Sanchez - unless Sanchez doesn't improve from last season's mistakes. 3) Coaches will repeat grave mistakes allowing reporters to create circus like atmosphere. 4) Cost - Tebow is a high priced backup and cost them draft picks. It's win now or pay a heavy price later. 5) Sanchez knock is he's not a team leader as proven again in '11. He'll either step up or fold under Tebow pressure. 6) All eyes are on Tebow. It's too much too soon. Ryan has to get back on message (or find one). 7) For two consecutive years the Jets were in circus-like mode making wild unfulfilled Super Bowl predictions - if it happens again in 2012 then this current squad is doomed.

Jets football needs to quickly re-focus. Tebow's press conference is over. He's been introduced. Now it's time for coaches to grab the bull by the horns and concentrate on 2012 football. Ryan had better have a sit down with Sanchez - quickly. If Sanchez isn't ready to lead, truly lead, then he needs to fess up to Ryan. Sanchez hasn't shown late game leadership ability. Hasn't shown lockerroom leadership ability. Hasn't earned the respect from wide receivers or offensive linemen. Too much focus has been on Tebow. Truth be told, if Sanchez was all of the above then Tebow would be playing elsewhere.

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