Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Major League Baseball Playoffs have been sensational. Nearly every game beginning in Division Series through current now has been very well played. Spectacular fielding, dramatic walk-off victories, stars living up to their reputations and (drum roll) exceptional umpires! Yes, I said it, exceptional umpires! Umps have made the correct call on all close plays. A ball or strike here and there can be questionable at times - however, rarely have we seen players jawing at umps.

Albert Pujols has put on a hitting clinic for St Louis. Five straight extra base hits earned Prince Albert intentional walks in his final two at-bats during last evening's 4-3 Cardinals victory.

Power - Nelson Cruz is in the zone for Texas. He launched his 4th post-season homer to seal the Rangers 11 inning 7-4 Game 4 victory putting Texas in a 3 games to 1 driver's seat. Cruz is the first player is MLB history to hit 2 extra inning home runs in the same series!

Speaking of intentional walks - how about the gutsy call by Rangers manager Washington intentionally walking Miguel Cabrera with 1 out and no runners on in the 8th inning! It almost blew up had it not been for RF Cruz laser throw from right to nail Miguel at home plate to end the inning.
Theo Epstein - Boston Red Sox Championship General Manager - is out. The Red Sox implosion continues. First, manager Terry Francona quit immediately following the end of the season (after Boston blew a 10 game wild card lead). Now, Epstein is out and headed to the Chicago Cubs. Suddenly, newspapers from ESPN to local Boston writers are wondering if the Red Sox are beginning to resemble the New York Mets? Poor comparison. Quite obviously, people up in Boston are growing concerned. No need. Boston has a great roster. Don't panic. Quite disconcerting is the treatment being dissed at Francona. Boston has a long history of attempting to tarnish their stars from Ted Williams to Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton Fisk etc. Management never seems to rightfully say "thank you for your valuable contributions".

Detroit Lions football. Is the 2011 team their greatest in franchise history? How's that for a great turnaround? 0-16 in 2008. 5-0 in 2011. Great job by all involved. Front office. Coaches. Players. Fans. Offense clicking. Defense dominating. Key an eye on these guys.

New York football is ugly. New York Jets were the talk of the town before regular season action began. New wide receiver weapons, defensive additions, QB Sanchez maturity, bigger than life coach and terrifying defense. What happened? They're all failing. WR Mason was benched then dumped (traded) after criticizing his offensive coordinator privately (nothing's private in NY) to head coach Ryan. At 2-3, Jets in a precarious situation. Time for concern? You betcha!

When will Eli Manning learn to protect the football? 2010 should have been his reminder. 2011 is no different. Luckily, the Giants are 3-2 but had no business whatsoever losing to Seattle at home last Sunday. It was an embarrassment. Coach Coughlin never gets enough credit. However, his players are soft in 2011. One of two things happens from here on in. Either they wake up or no longer respond to their demanding coach? Mental errors are killing this team. So is offensive line. Very few holes for talented backfield making New York a one dimensional team led by a turnover happy QB. Gasoline on top of fire.

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