Monday, June 13, 2011

Calling All Cars: MLB Warns Teams of Chicago Violence

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Chicago fans beware. MLB is putting teams on notice to take all necessary precautions for ensuring safety around their facilities. Violence in downtown Chicago has spiraled out of control. Mob style attacks has an entire city on edge. Baseball players and fans beware.

Youth mobs are creating random acts of violence. It's spreading to major cities around the USA. Where's our President calling for calm? Especially in his adopted home city of Chicago which elected him Senator on the way to winning the Presidency. Instead, we hear Obama praise youth uprisings in the Middle East as our those keeping enforcing peace get run out by power by mob style protests (while chanting "death to Israel, death to America"). So is it any wonder American youth mobs are now on the attack? No.

Political hack Mayor Rahm Emanuel is attempting to beef up police patrols citywide. Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said over the weekend another 150 cops are now on the street. However, Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden said this is misleading. "Well, yeah, he's putting 150 people on the street. He hasn't added anything to the manpower of the police department which has been, you know, really terribly neglected for the past three years. The hiring has been abysmal at best," Camden said.

According to reports, upwards of 30 people have been arrested recently in connection to Chicago's spiraling violence problem. Fans need to be vigilant when traveling to and from Chicago area stadiums. Especially when traveling on public transportation, walking to and from cars. Avoid traveling alone if possible and keep your cell phone handy at all times.

Youth violence is spreading rapidly. It's happening everywhere from California to New York. Mostly teens causing disruptions. Beach goers were recently attacked in New York & Miami. It's unfathomable to this writer how dumb young punks are willing to throw away their entire lives for a chance to crack skulls.

Teachers, parents, religious and civic leaders need to start doing their jobs educating kids on the pitfalls of violence. Teach morality. Urge them to do good in their communities instead of preying on neighbors. It's summer time. School season is winding down. What will come of unemployed kids this summer with nowhere to go and nothing to do?

Fans need take warning. Be prepared. City officials need to tackle this rising problem head on. If the President can't get control over his own city....?

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