Thursday, February 3, 2011

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The biggest news of the week was supposed to be Pittsburgh and Green Bay prepping for Super Bowl XLV. Instead, headline grabbers surround treacherous weather across the USA and Egyptian unrest. It's high time Digger's Daily expanded into the world of politics. For now, let's dive into sports top stories of the week.
In Case You Missed It...

Only a few days remain before the NFL has a new champion. Talk about a great match-up (at least on paper). Green Bay's high powered offense against Pittsburgh's heralded tenacious defense. Protecting the pigskin is essential for victory. Stay tuned for in depth analysis and predictions before game day.

Speaking of game day, Texas weather has severely crimped Super Bowl style. A recent ice storm wrecked havoc on Texans. Rolling blackouts forced Texas to borrow power from Mexico. That's right. Texas power grid was overwhelmed resulting in state officials seeking emergency backup systems. When will USA residents stop falling for wasteful green energy baloney? Stop relying on foreign sponsors of terror for our energy supplies? And put our country back to work by developing and harvesting our natural energy resources? The bad southern weather has canceled many planned events or kept visitors from safely attending.

Lou Piniella is back in baseball. He's recently signed on as a special assistant for the San Francisco Giants. So much for a long lasting retirement. Nobody should assume Lou is triangulating on assuming Giants managing duties. However, Piniella's role is far from clear.

It's official... Andy Pettitte has officially retired from baseball. New Yorkers will certainly miss one of their most famous and successful left handers in team history. Pettitte's retirement complicates an already complicated starting pitching scenario in the Bronx. Yanks lost out on top free agent pitching talent. Yanks hoped Pettitte would return even if it was only for one more season. Pettitte's arm is sound. Looks like his head wasn't into it anymore. Andy Pettitte, a true Yankee hero and solid citizen, to wear spikes no more. Enjoy your retirement Andy. He leaves with a 240-138 career record. New York thanks you!

New York Mets management routinely dismissed rumors of any involvement in the Madoff scandal from losing hundreds of millions to being insiders in the well celebrated ponzi scam. As I mentioned many times... hogwash. Now the Mets are looking to sell a minority stake in the team to the highest bidder. Mets baseball is in trouble. Lengthy big time contracts, poor attendance, poor minor league talent, a puzzled public wonders why management chose Collins as new manager, divisions weakest starting rotation and lack of winter free agent acquisitions has fans put off in a big way.

Time for the New York Knicks to pony up $200,000.00 for illegal draft workouts. The league has been investigating the Knicks since a Yahoo! Sports report in October that team scout Rodney Heard, in a three-year span, conducted workouts of draft prospects in violation of league's rules. Knicks have no official comment and are said to have paid the fine. No surprise. A host of major league sports teams have been circumventing rules for years. It's about time they're held responsible.

30 seconds of Super Bowl air time at a cost of $3,000,000. Get set for a Super Bowl ad blitz and new venue. Viewers will be encouraged get online and interact with various commercials. Advertisers are looking for effective ways to get the public involved beyond watching a $3M 30-second ad. Super Bowl ads are often innovative and quite memorable. I can't wait to see which ad's quickly become water cooler fodder.
Stay tuned ... Super Bowl XLV preview coming soon...


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